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PPC management :

PPC ManagementOnce you have a conceptualized an exceptional online marketing campaign it’s essential that your ads are placed at strategic locations to attract maximum clicks to your website. Here comes the role of Pay Per Click Management.

PPC is an Internet advertising model used on search engines, advertising networks, and content sites to generate focused ads that come up only when a user types in a phrase that matches the services that fall into your business area.

At Arc Consultancy, our PPC Experts can create and manage PPC Campaigns across all major providers, using our deep-rooted search engine skills to tailor campaigns for greatest impact.

Our PPC Management module is designed in a way that it focused on the major players which in turn would generate reliable, targeted traffic which will have the capability to turn into potential clients in the future.
Here are the key factors that build up our PPC campaign management:

Account setup :

Letting us set up your PPC campaign account, you’ll have solid experience on your side. We will launch a successful and structured campaign that will save you time and money from day one
Keyword Research- Our PPC Experts ensure that we target users in the exact area of your website domain by using specific keywords and phrases that just hit the nail on the head
Managing your Ad creatives – We keep in mind to map premium keywords while creating your ad copy to build performing ads with the highest click through rate
Bid management– Taking care of your day-to-day bidding to ensure your ‘cost per click’ management is in expert hands
Landing page evaluation – Optimisation of your landing page to make sure that you have strong quality content on your landing page that incorporates the keywords in your ad group and ad text
Persistent monitoring by analytics set-up and goal tracking to ensure the campaign gets the maximum

Our effective and professionally-monitored PPC Management campaigns help you develop a winning strategy for your campaigns.

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