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expand your reach

Expand the boundaries of your online business through RSS (Real Simple Syndication).

Though often neglected by many big online marketing giants, RSS has many powerful applications for your Internet Marketing Strategy.

What other way can you make reach users and potential clients know about your website and services without actually entering your website. To put it straight, in a way RSS feeds expands your reach beyond your website immensely.

RSS can be use for content delivery to push your fresh content to your website visitors, subscribers, and prospective customers. It's a simple and a cost-effective way to sell your services and communicate with people.

With a facility of RSS feeds, the content can be delivered to your inbox by email. The mails are properly organized and only relevant information is delivered to you unlike unwanted spam.
Be a wise marketer

We at Arc Consultancy comprehend the seriousness of having the RSS feeds option on your website. Besides it being an easy way to inform your customers, RSS feeds are powerful SEO tools as well.

The syndication power of RSS pushes rich text links across the web to locations that subscribe to your feeds. Whether you have an e-commerce site, a marketing site or a corporate website RSS should be an integral part of your website's structure.

At Arc Consultancy, we know exactly how to help you with your RSS marketing strategy and with the initial implementation, feed delivery and tracking. We promote RSS feeds both on your site and through other external channels by submitting your feeds to search engines and directories under the appropriate category so that you reach your intended audience.

Our smooth and efficient RSS Feed technology provides a comprehensive solution for rendering RSS feeds from your site content and then subsequently tracking your subscribers and the usage of your feeds.