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Internet marketing :

Are you worried that your website is not getting enough traffic?

Are the falling sale figures of your products giving you nightmares?

If your online business is encountering the same issues, then Arc Consultancy has all the solutions for your problems.

An upcoming Internet Marketing Company from Dehradun, Uttarakhand india, Arc Consultancy offers you effective and state-of-the-art Online Marketing Solutions which give a boost to your online business and put you way ahead of your competitors.

Our Internet Marketing Services revolve around one major goal— to grow your online business by attracting quality visitors to your website who turn into potential clients in the future.

Internet Marketing :

The Internet Marketing team at Arc Consultancy knows that online marketing doesn't simply mean placing a banner or an ad on another website but requires a comprehensive strategy to build traffic, boost search rankings, create brand recognition, and enhance sales with a sharp focus on its target market.

Our online marketing solutions are quite comprehensive and do not merely rely on Search Engine Submission strategies to boost the ranking of your website. We restructure your whole website and submit it to all major and minor search engines regularly.

Arc Consultancy has a credible track record of low acquisition cost marketing campaigns that have a comprehensive ROI-focus

Following are the Arc of our internet marketing solutions:

Natural Search engine optimization to get your website maximum traffic and higher search engine rankings
Effective Social media optimization techniques to give your brand maximum web exposure
Comprehensive Pay Per Click campaign to create persistent ads while monitoring the campaign on a daily basis
Link Building solutions aiming at links relevancy, page rank (PR) requirements and higher search engine rankings
Consistent ERP / Article Writing to ensure that your website gets a solid web visibility Widespread Email Marketing campaigns to reach out directly to your customers/potential clients Usage of RSS feeds to keep you informed of the latest happenings on other important websites A continuous assessment of Google Web analytics to modulate our strategy in order to give your website higher search engine rankings

Your success, our vision :

Entrepreneurial spirit drives everything we do. Not your typical marketing company, Arc Consultancy' tech experts continuously look for solutions to catapult your online business to the top. Our priority is to give your website a unique web presence and top search engine rankings through our effective Internet Marketing strategies.

Your success is our vision and we'd make sure that we provide you with the best available online strategies to make your website a search engine favourite.








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