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Google Analytics :

All the organisations have some business objectives and the websites designed by them are a step towards fulfilling their organisation’s goal. The business objectives may vary depending upon the kind and type of the organisation. Some of these organisations go for website solutions purely to increase their sales and generate leads whereas, there are other who are more into social awareness and therefore design websites to spread information on various social, health, or other thought-provoking topics. In nutshell all the websites are designed and launched in the e-commerce world to achieve certain well-defined objectives.

To know how the website is performing in big world there is an amazing tool called Google analytics. It allows you to measure the effectiveness of your website and know about is popularity on the World Wide Web. The Google analytics report gives you a fair idea about the returns on investment that you have made to design the website and, calculate the overall profitability. Google analytics is a free tool that generates detailed reports that allow you to measure the status of the website in the e-commerce world.
Google Analytics Here is some of the important Data that you get from Google analytics:

*Entire visitor count
*List of High business potential keywords
*Popular or heavily-trafficked web pages
*Overall conversion rate with detail of conversion paths
*Visitor segmentation data, traffic rate, and list of portals generating maximum traffic
Measure success of internet marketing campaigns like PPC, Email marketing, article syndication, social media optimization, blogging, etc.

Google analytics provide you complete and accurate data regarding everything ranging from visitors count, to engagement, buzz, open rates, conversions, demographics, branding, and time spent. You can use these metrics to improve the web presence of your website. The tool allows you to analyze every bit of your website and measure its success rate in the highly completive e-commerce world.

As the reports generated by Google analytics are highly comprehensive and complex, you can find it difficult to assess the Data on your own. It is advisable to take help from professionals who have experience in evaluating the Google analytics reports and can help you enhance the company’s online marketing and industry performance.

We have highly experienced Internet Consultants, who can provide you with the relevant analytics services that are customized according to your specific business goals. Contact us to get maximum benefit out of your e-commerce trade and internet marketing strategies.








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